We have a unique blend of expertise to help you implement your chosen solutions. Or if you are not sure what solutions meet your requirements, we can analyze your requirements and then implement the right mix of solutions. Our end-to-end expertise in Oracle Applications combined with our business skills in process analysis, project management, and organizational change management enable us to efficiently implement your enterprise solutions to meet your business needs.


We have an in-depth understanding of the various interfaces in Oracle, and also the way different modules in Oracle interface with each other. We can architect your solutions to achieve efficient integration between Oracle and other enterprise systems, as well as across different modules within Oracle.


Every client situation is different, and there can always be some unique functionality that may not be addressed completely by an ERP application. We will help in analyzing such functionalities and in designing efficient custom solutions to address such unique requirements.


To help you get the most out of your Oracle Applications, we can analyze your upgrade requirements and get you working with the latest functionality that is most suited to your business needs. As an enabler of the first live 11.5.6 production instance, we can help you upgrade from 10.7SC or 10.7 Character or 11.0 version to the current version of 11i.

Maintenance and Support

We regularly perform backups, apply patches, and manage system administration tasks to keep your most critical enterprise application up and running in the most optimal manner. And whether it is for troubleshooting routine tasks or helping resolve the crucial month-end glitches, we can provide 24x7 assistance to keep your operations running smoothly.

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