At PACE, "teamwork" is not a word we throw around loosely. It is the means by which our clients obtain results. We have perfected our teamwork ethic through a dynamic formula: build each technology-based practice with talented individuals possessing a definitive set of skills (core competencies) that complement the entire group. Consequently, every PACE consultant is not only capable, but also encouraged to draw from the collective knowledge and experience of fellow consultants. This Best Practices methodology allows us to provide the comprehensive, integrated development and trusted advisory services which our clients have come to rely on.

By promising unity and open dialog within the practice, we are able to build real teams capable of forging productive, results-oriented relationships with our clients.

What does this mean to our clients? Rather than working with just one PACE consultant, you will be working the combined knowledge of a team of consultants.

At PACE, we are committed to getting the job done, doing what we say we will do, and helping our clients succeed. For our clients, this means that we are not only providing the informative solutions you demand, we are delivering the technology and seeing it through. We call it...

"Business centered IT solutions"

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